EARWORMZ is a brand new game by the author of Biodiversity

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Experimental Gameplay Project suggests spending 7 days to produce experimental games to match a given theme.
I made this in one day.


This game doesn't make much sense. Create a sound by whistling, and guide it into my ear to power up the laser inside my head. Use the laser to destroy the EARWORMZ!


Whistling (first to create a sound, then steer it using pitch). While you whistle, the sound accelerates in the direction of the speechbubble (direction doesn't change if you stop whistling)
SHHHH or blow (to send the sound into my ear and to engage the laser)

Operating instructions for the laser

You can power up the laser using as few as 1 sounds or as many as 5. More sounds makes a more powerful laser, but it is also more difficult to engage...
After sending a sound into my ear, you get the option to engage the laser. Simply SHHHH (or blow) continually, until the yellow circle hits the green band. With more sounds, the laser takes longer to charge as well as requiring a higher accuracy / more continuous SHHHH sound to engage it.
If you fail to engage it, don't worry, simply send another sound down my ear and try again


You cannot win. But you can try for a high score

Coming Soon!

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Sorry, this is Windows-only for now

Discussion Forum

Click here for the EARWORMZ discussion forum



Other than the above links, and the LÖVE framework itself, all of the sourcecode for EARWORMZ is available inside the following .love object. You can run the .love object directly using LÖVE, or you can rename the .love file to .zip and extract the sourcecode that way.
Download the .love file here. The earwormz.exe executable is simply the output of concatenating the earwormz.love object onto the love.exe interpreter. All documentation, downloads and reference material is available at the official LÖVE website


Earwormz is released under a BSD license. You can view the license here.
Earwormz incorporates third-party code and libraries, and you can find their respective licensing information in the downloadable package.